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I'm not able to update MyPrettyCMS and the Framework together. The up to date version of the Framework is the CMS.

If you need the framework, go to, download current version, start your project with the CMS.

Create your own controllers and views and link menu items to them.

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MVC4 Starter kit is now ready...
Go to

News has been designed with this Framework and the comming soon MyPretttyCMS Starter kit !


Why I open the source of this framework ?

First, I love MVC and I want to help others to discover this technology.

I work with MVC for 3 years and step by step I factorized my code in libraries, to finally have a very good base to start a Layered web application usable as a stand alone application / portal, web sites, SOA middle ware or what you want...

What is inside ?

See detailed features

The Framework contains :

This framework groups many other open sources samples useful when combined in a the Framework.Common library. Sometimes I don't remember where I found the piece of code, so, If you see yours in this framework, don't hesitate to tell me to add a link to your page...

The starter kit contains :

BusinessLayer => to store business static methods using only one Singleton based data context open in the controller.
I need contributors to build snippets to help developers to create those methods
CommonLayer => Use direct connection to the database to create enumerated based on lookup tables in the database (usable with EnumTypeTo<T>(object o) for exemple for strongly typed use in a switch statement.

CommonLayer also contains _Controler_Base<T> : Framework.Common.Contollers._Controller_Base<T> where T : Framework.Common.Models._Models_Base to transfert stongly typed data to the _LayoutPage (without using the ViewBag).

CommonLayer is used to share ViewModels, Controllers and some helpers between multiples application of the information system (like User Form or product form usable in a e-store and in it's back office.

DataLayer => Uses EDMX of EntitiyLayer to generate data repositories<T> where T : _Domain_Base with following methods :

  • void Add(T entity)
  • void AddUpdate(AccesTypeNode entity)
  • bool Equals(object obj)
  • IEnumerable<T> GetAll()
  • T.GetById(int id)
  • T.GetById(Guid id)
  • virtual int GetHashCode()
  • Type GetType()
  • Type GetType()
  • IEnumerable<T> Query(Expression<Func<T, bool>> filter) (equivalent for the DomainLayer objects to Where for others objects)
  • void Remove(T entity)
  • string ToString();

The Save method is in the Context.

The context and datalayer works with TransactionScope

I found it on the web but I don't remember where and I added T.GetById(Guid id)

DomainLayer => Uses EDMX of EntitiyLayer and T4 generate all Domain Entities

EntityLayer => Uses EDMX without default code generation strategy and T4 generated datacontext.
I need contributors improve automation when changing project and edmx name, something like a T4 Configuration file

MetaDataLayer => Uses EDMX of Entitiy layer and T4 generate all MetaData models (Domain Classes with Data annotations and localized messages and captions stored in ResourcesLayer)

RessourcesLayer => To centralize all resources of Layers, portals and services to simplify multilingual development.
I need contributors translate French into English and other languages

SecurityLayer => Entity Framework based Role and Membership provider, also found on the web with some improvement (multi application management) that will disappear with MVC 4.
I need contributors to create the SQL Server Objects script to inject those in the business database on in an independent database

ServiceLayer to centralize all external SOAP and REST Service consumption

The starter kit contains also :
Empty Front office portal Like the WebApplication Template but already configured to use JQuery, JQueryUI my framework and layers
Empty Back office portal Like the Front Office One but with a imbricated model tabbed JQuery UI Theming compatible using JQuery Ajax
I need contributors to help me to use Scaffolding combined with my complex layer post method (Ajax), it will be VERY useful...

A lot of useful JavaScript methods

A set of css files

WebService Sample using the Framework and the layers to expose WCF Based tools...

My main product (A MVC Based Web Application Forest Manager) is based on this Framework and I think If I open the framework It will be useful for community and good for my product.

I have no experience to reverse this in opensource; I need advices and why not a specialized company to provide the support and animate the community, all help is welcome...

In advance, thanks for your help,

Laurent Jordi

Innovacall (France)


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