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How to use the starter kit :

Prerequisites :VS2010 SP1 (To Install MVC4)MVC4Log4NetEmitMapper

Download source code

Open folder SampleDB

Open the MinimalDBGeneration_MustChange_Path.sql script in SQLServer 2008 R2 (express or better)

Replace the filename according to your environment.

Execute the script

If you execute your Visual Studio to work with IIS you must add your applicationpool user to the datareader and datawriter roles to InnovaApp database.

Open Visual Studio, go to the Solution Folder and launch the InnovacallMVCFramework.sln solution.

Browse solution folders to Portals and open MVC4Portal

Open ConnectionStrings.config

Replace .\SQR2008R2 by your SQLServer Instance

Rebuild project

Launch it

That's all...

Now you can add tables to your database, to update EDMX :

Go to Layers\EntitiesLayer

Open the App.Config file, replace SQLServer instance as you did for ConnectionStrings.config

Open InnovaAppEntities.edmx

Select all entities

Delete all

Right click ->Update model from database

Add all tables exept sysdiagrams

When the EDMX is rebuilt

Click on the regenerate tt files button in your solution, compile and thats all.

Look the structure of the home page controller, view to understand how it's build.

I'll explain later how to create simple and advanced views

Thanks for your interst

Best regards,


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ngovinhloi1580 Dec 12, 2013 at 9:01 AM 
i am start with mvc 4, i am download source TFS_LJO_Codeplex but i don't run it , Please give me video help test project MVC4Portal