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Hello, i'm working on the first open source application based on this framework : so I'm a bit late for the november release. I'll publish it as soon as the CMS is ready for the two starter kit to be synchronized.


I fixed a bug in registration, when the username was already used, the app displayed an empty message.

The Gmail SMTP account I used to send activation e-mail was not activated for applications, it's also fixed.


New release with web api sample in Advanced Addresses Management. Multiple improvements in interaction between page.


First release publishied : Framework is stable but starter kit needs some improvements.


I had to archive the demo project to transfert it to my backup development platform due to a hardware memory error.

The Header / Detail demo is not finishied yet, Diagrams are not up to date.

Still waiting a fix for the RenderPartialViewToString problem.




Demo portal is online : http:/

Project sources are archived

I'll créate a lot of samples

You need to register to logon and use démo.

Enjoy !



Demo server is ready, I'll publish the StarterKit thie weekend to help you to understand Javascript flows.

I'll try to put Server side source inside the demo.

Best regards,



BIG Improvement coming :

There is a risk of misunderstanding between ViewModels and MetaModels because in my old version, ViewModels Was MetaModels but sometimes, it was not deep enough so, I decided to work on this class hierarchy :

ViewModel : _Models_Base (contains all required data do feed layout) 

ViewModel Contains MetaModels Members (never MetaData)

MetaModels Inherits from MetaData but MetaData_Base will stop to inherits from _Model_Base

So your ViewModel will be like this :

public class myViewModel : _Models_Base {

    public Client_MetaModel {get;set;}


    public List<Invoices_MetaModel> {get;set;}


public class Client_MetaModel : Client_MetaData {


public class Invoice_MetaModel : Invoice_MetaData {


I think it will be much more elegant

Best regards,




I tryed to open the solution in Visual Studio Express, it doesn't works because Express version doesn't support Solution Folders.

I don't think I'll try to resolve this problem because Innovacall Framework is designed for big projects not for hello world demos.

It's possible to use SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.

Laurent Jordi



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